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At Chinn Global Inc. we bridge government decisions to meet taxpayers expectations.


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Welcome to Chinn Global Inc.

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Chinn Global Inc. exist solely to bridge Government Decisions to meet Taxpayer Expectations. Chinn Global Inc. is the parent company of Four Innovative Creative and exciting Globally recognized Brands:

  • Apex Parking Company- providing most advanced valet parking, patient assisted, parking facility management and Intrastate- transportation for families of incarcerated Americans. services in the country.
  • US ADR- the fastest growing Mediation company in the Western Hemisphere resolving Civil, Domestic, Traffic, Divorce and Labor disputes in the globally accepted WIN/WIN Methodology saving states hundreds of millions of dollars annually to better utilized for infrastructure repair, education and skills training and public safety.
  • MO-KAN Home Healthcare Services- serving the senior, elderly and aging communities in some of the largest neglected, undeserved Urban & rural  areas in America. Our services assist patients in maintaining all medical appointments making healthcare costs  less expensive over time while increasing patient good health and rewarding them along the way!
  • H.A.M. Detroit girls international fashion apparel coming to Detroit in 2015 and the rest of America in 2017. GO HARD!

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